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Paper Feed Problems!

One of the most frustrating problems with copiers, laser printers, fax machines and scanners is having those annoying paper feeding problems! If the problem is starting out as an intermittent type problem, causing paper jamming, and getting worse as time goes by, there is a good chance that the rubber paper feed roller(s) are getting dried out and slick, and just spinning out on the paper. In many cases the rollers can easily be temporarily "refurbished" by yourself, enabling the machine to snap those sheets thru like it used to when it was brand new. And you probably already have the necessary "tools" right there in your home or office.
All you need is a good lint free cotton cloth, and a bottle of regular "Fantastic".   This stuff works better than most professional rubber rejuvenating chemicals that we used to pay big bucks for, and it is safe to use and doesn't burn your skin and stink up the whole office like strong chemicals do. It works especially well on the Gray color rubber rollers, but also does a pretty good job on Black rubber as well.Simply spray a liberal amount of it onto your cloth, and apply it to the roller, rubbing it in as you turn the roller. Repeat a time or two. The idea is to let it soak into the rubber, as well as scrubbing any dirt off of the surface.You have to be very careful not to snag your cloth on anything inside the machine, like switches or anything else that can get broken easily while you have your big mitts inside the machine. You're on your own! But contact Tyler CopyTex if you still need some help.
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