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Black Lines on Your Copies/Scans

How to get rid of lines on your copies...
If you are experiencing black lines on your copies or scans and faxes, but when you print to the device the pages come out clean, most likely there is some type of foreign matter on the slit glass. The slit glass is a thin window of glass beside the large platen glass on your machine. Usually something like wet ink or whiteout, or some type of tape or gunk from your originals feeding through the scanner will stick to the slit glass and then dry tenaciously there, causing the subsequent black lines. Clean the top of the slit glass with glass cleaner or alcohol. Sometimes a thumb nail works best to scratch off a particularly hard-dried stain. If this doesn't work, then there could be some dirt in another location that might require a service call by a factory trained Tyler CopyTex Technician.
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